Your Guide to Wedding Linen Hire in Essex

Planning your 2021 wedding? With so many things to do and care of, from venue and wedding dress to cake and catering, there’s an important detail that you must plan for.

Yes, we are talking about linen hire.

Linens are typically considered only as an afterthought. And that’s a huge mistake if you ask our wedding linen hire specialists in Essex. Every little detail counts and the linen you choose can make or break the look of your big day.

Linens enhance the visual aesthetic of your event by adding texture, colour and an overall premium feel to the decor. Consider the following aspects when it comes to wedding linen hire in Essex.

Size them Up

Wedding linens are available in a range of sizes. Most linens are offered in 8ft drapes and 134” rounds for standard-sized tables but they are also available in 108” and 120” rounds for smaller and cocktail tables.

Table Runners

Table runners are a fantastic option when you are looking to enhance and yet show off the natural beauty of your table. Again, table runners are available in a range of styles that could be customised and used as a textural accent while adding volume to the middle of your table.

Don’t Ignore Napkins

When planning your table linen, don’t forget to give a thought to napkins. Even the humble napkin can make a huge style statement. With a wide range of options in terms of colours and designs, napkins can offer an important complementary accent to your tables.

Prints, Texture and Embellishments

Linens are available in an array of textures, prints and colours. Whether you are after something to go with your colour scheme or a pattern to jazz up your wedding décor, there’s a whole lot to choose from.

When you opt for printed linen, you won’t have to worry about placing expensive tabletop items. Textured fabrics can add a unique dimension to the event, making your table stand out. You could even mix and match linens for that added effect.

wedding linen samplesOrder Samples Online

When planning the look and feel of your wedding, you may feel like you are endlessly searching for ideas online but nothing’s jumping out. Fret not!

When shopping for linen online, it could be difficult to visualise how the linen looks, especially the texture or print.

During these times of the pandemic, venturing out to a wedding linen hire showroom in Essex may not be an option. With Simply Linens, you can book your samples online and we will deliver them to your door.

This way you can see and feel your linens first-hand without a worry. Get in touch with us today to get started.