What you get with event linen hire

You might be wondering why you’d bother hiring event linens. After all, you could buy them and then they’re yours to keep for other events — just pop them in storage and bring them out when you need them.

However, with table linen hire and wedding linen hire, you get so much more than just the tablecloths and napkins. At Simply Linens, we’ve been dealing in the hire of event linens for years, so we know a thing or two about providing a high quality service. Let us use this blog to take you through all of the things you get with your event linen hire.

Event linen hire

An experienced helping hand

From the moment you call to tell us about your event, you get the benefit of all of our experience. We can help you decide what fabrics will work best, whether you want all the colours of the rainbow or crisp, plain white, what accessories you might need. Based on other, similar events we’ve worked with, we can give you clear guidance where you need it so you know you’re choosing the right linens for your do.

Reliable delivery

We deliver our table linens throughout London, Essex and nationwide and we provide ourselves of delivering exactly when you need us to and in plenty of time for set-up. As well as meaning you can rely on us, it also means you have us taking care of the linens from the moment they leave us until they arrive at your venue. This means you don’t have to worry about stray napkins going missing, or not having the right number of tablecloths!

Guaranteed quality

When you hire table linens from us, we guarantee their quality and condition. After each event, we launder and press our linens so that they are pristine and ready for their next outing. All our linens are thoroughly checked for damage after each use so you know that when your event linen hire arrives with you, it will all be in perfect condition. This also means that when you are finished with your linens, you don’t need to go near the washing machine — we’ll sort all of that for you so you can rest easy once your event is over.

Event linen hire, whether for a wedding, party or other event, can really take the pressure off, allowing you to enjoy yourself while knowing that someone else is taking care of the tablecloths and napkins. You can also rest assured that you’ll have chosen the perfect linens for your event, as you’ll have had the benefit of our expert knowledge every step of the way. So whether you’re keeping it plain and simple, or going for full-on opulence, we can help.

Simply Linens operates right across the United Kingdom, so you can benefit from our expertise even if you’re not in London or Essex. Give us a call on 01279 438 448 or contact us online to tell us more about your plans.