Tips to Enhance Your Wedding Décor with Linens

Wedding Linen

Decorating your wedding reception tables is all about being creative. There are so many things to consider – from glasses and cutlery to dishware and more.
There is one particularly important detail that can take the aesthetic of your tablescape to another level: your linens. Our wedding linen hire specialists in Essex share some tips to help you make your table design your own.

Know Your Requirements

When working with a wedding linen hire company, get to know which linens you will need before you begin making decisions. Confirm the number of guests you expect, table counts and sizes and whether you will need accent linens.

Plan Your Colour Palette

Start with an inspiration board or colour scheme to get a sense of which colours would dominate the room. Furthermore, consider the look and feel you want to create in the room as the right linen can make that happen.

Go Colours

Thinking of a subtle or more refined palette? There are many more options beyond white linens and napkins for every taste and palette.
A coloured napkin or runner can add a dash of contrast that will help brighten the space. It could be a simple combination of a blue napkin on an off-white tablecloth or a stronger contrast with deep blue.

Think Beyond a Single Linen

Our wedding linen hire specialists in Essex recommend bringing in 2 to 3 different styles to enhance the look further.
In addition to adding in colour – from plain neutrals to deep tones – we recommend adding textural elements such as velvet, sequins and tulle fabrics to offer a tactile experience to your guests.

Mix Patterns

Mixing textures and patterns can dramatically improve your wedding décor. Think in terms of neutral, dominant and subdominant.
Begin with a bold (dominant) pattern to define the palette. Next, choose a subdominant pattern in similar shades. Finally, add a neutral shade for a visually pleasing effect.
By bringing in two different textures, you can add depth and dimension to the wedding design.

Emphasise Key Details

You don’t have to add patterns and texture to the entire room. However, judicious use of textures and patterns can make those critical pieces stand out.
Add a dash of colour, texture or pattern to make the head table, escort card table and cake table stand out.

Parting Thoughts

With several aspects to balance in your wedding design, every little detail can make a difference in showing your personality as a couple. Those little details are what complete your decor, one that guests are sure to talk about for years.
Follow these tips to enhance your wedding décor and take it to the next level. For quality wedding linen hire in Essex, contact Simply Linens.