A Brief Guide to Wedding Linen Hire

Wedding Linen Hire

When it comes to planning your big day, from seating charts and floor plans to menu and limo hire, wedding linen hire seems easy. You simply choose a colour and lay it on the table…right? Wrong.

The world of wedding linen hire in Essex is complex and vast, and every little aspect will help you customise your wedding decor. In this post, we look at three important aspects to look at when choosing table linen for your wedding.

The Table Drop

The ‘drop’ of your table linen is an important consideration in choosing the right size. You can opt for anything from a 9” drop to a 29” drop for your table.

The drop on a tablecloth is nothing but the amount of cloth that will hang down from the table, covering the table legs as well as undercarriage.

A longer drop looks far more elegant and sophisticated, which is why many people choose longer drops.

Table Cloth Size

The size of the linen you hire will depend on the size of the tables you choose. Here is a simple table linen guide to help make things easier for you:

  • 90” linen – Ideal for 3ft round table allowing for a 27” drop to floor, 4ft round table with a 21” drop or a 5ft table with a 15” drop to floor.
  • 110” linen – This size is ideal for 5.5ft round tables, allowing a 22” drop.
  • 120” linen – If you would like a larger drop of 22” for your 5.5ft table, then this is an excellent option. Alternatively, this could also be used for 6ft round table for a 24” drop to floor.
  • 130” linen – This tablecloth is a good fit for 6ft round table, allowing for a 29” drop to floor or a 7ft round table, allowing for a 23” drop.


There’s a lot more to linen hire than laces and whites. Here are some of common fabrics you can choose from:

  • Damask – Damask, also known as Jacquard weave, is a beautiful pattern that’s perfect for historic buildings and formal events with a traditional touch. Explore our Georgian range.
  • Satin – Satin is a glossy, smooth fabric that’s usually made from silk. It’s a step up from plain solid, and will add a touch of elegance and class to your décor. Explore our Regency range.
  • Polyester – This solid fabric is a versatile and budget-friendly choice for your wedding. Explore our Plain Signature range.


Wedding linen hire involves some planning and work and you are sure to be rewarded with the perfect linen that brings your vision to life.

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