Planning Your 2021 Wedding? Read This Guide

The coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it and derailed all of our plans. In these uncertain times, many couples are choosing to reschedule their weddings to 2021.

Although it is difficult to say exactly when things will return to normal, we recommend that you begin your 2021 wedding plans in advance. Whether you are looking for wedding linen hire in Essex or catering service, begin planning your 2021 wedding right away.

Talk to Your Vendors

Reach out to your vendors to discuss all the date options that are available to them in 2021. Create a list of all the viable date options and list out the vendors that are available for each date to choose your ideal wedding date.
Bear in mind that, in Essex, most of the popular weekend dates for the months of May, June and September 2021 are already booked by couples who already began planning their 2021 weddings earlier this year.
Be flexible and open to all days of the week and months in 2021 when rebooking and rescheduling.

Lock-in Your Suppliers Now

If you are not making bookings now at the current prices, you might see your overall cost going up. Owing to the huge financial blow to the wedding industry and the fact that the dates in 2021 and even 2022 are in extreme demand, wedding costs are expected to go up by at least 20% or perhaps more.
So now is the right time to confirm all your bookings.

Stay Positive

As wedding linen hire specialists in Essex, weddings are our bread and butter. But don’t forget that this is a celebration. At the end of all the chaos, you will be lucky enough to have a wedding. Stay positive and do not make quick and rash decisions.
As far as the pandemic is concerned, things change on a daily basis. So stay proactive and ensure your vendors are available and have been secured with the necessary payments. However, don’t get too hung up and serious. Take a deep breath and take it easy!

Order Online

Although things have come to a standstill so to speak, there are many things you can do even while you abide by the stay at home orders.
Many vendors have come to terms with the change this pandemic has brought and have adapted to the times.

Here at Simply Linens, we don’t want you to waste any time with your 2021 wedding planning. You can now order fabric swatches online and choose your fabric from the comfort of your home. Get in touch with us today to get started.