Complement your menu with your table linens

Simply Linens specialises in table linen hire in Essex so we’ve seen a lot of magical events take place over the years.

This also means we know a thing or two about what to consider when choosing your event linens and one of the things many people overlook is their menu. It might sound unusual, but the food you’re choosing to serve at your event could really influence the colours and styles you pick.

We’ve listed some menu suggestions and how your table linens might complement them.

Spring menu

If your event’s in the springtime or early summer — perhaps an awards ceremony or a graduation event — you may well be serving a fresh, light springtime menu. Something like spring lamb with fresh greens and crispy salads, maybe with something cool and fruity for desert such as ice cream or sorbet — and lots of prosecco on ice.
In this case, you’d want to avoid heavy, dark colours when organising your table linen hire as these would be at odds with the light, fresh flavours of the meal. Instead, you want springtime colours, perhaps mixing pastel shades with more vibrant ones to create a pleasant contrast. Think Light Pink, Cerise, Lilac, Wedgwood Blue, and Kiwi in particular.

Red hot tapas

Tapas has been popular at events for a while now with no signs of fading into the background. The fact that you can pick and choose from a selection of small plates means that everyone is catered for and even the most fussy eaters will find something they like. Served with authentic sangria and sumptuous Spanish reds, the flavours will be aromatic, spicy and rich.
Of course, if your event linens are to reflect this, you want your colours to get hot and spicy too. Go bold with Red and Orange, perhaps with some flashes of Gold to add depth and texture. Or go for a Gaudí and Barcelona inspired look with mixed blue or green shades to create a vibrant and distinctly Spanish style.

Christmas dinner

One of the biggest events of the year is, of course, Christmas (yes, we know you think it’s too early to think about it now — but not if you’re planning ahead!) and you may well be looking for table linen hire for a work do you’re organising in Essex, or another festive event. Your menu is likely to be a heavy roast dinner with different meats and several veg, probably with a starter and definitely with a rich desert, all accompanied by delicious red or white wines.
Your colour palate can reflect the seasonality of the meal with deep, rich tones in the table linens, such as Burgundy, Purple and Forest Green, perhaps with Grey and Gold to add subtle highlights. A blend of colours like this will echo the cuisine and give a festive flavour.

Simply Linens has years of experience helping event organisers with their event linen hire in Essex. If you’d like to talk to us about your event — no matter how far ahead it may be – get in touch with us today.