Winter Wedding linen hire Essex

Winter wedding Linen for wedding hire

Get inspired for your winter wedding linen hire. With the festive season upon us, we are well and truly in the midst of winter. Winter weddings are ideal for those who love everything about the cold months, from the icy colours and landscapes to cosying up next to a roaring fire.

Winter wedding ideas vary depending on the exact theme and look you’re going for, as there is so much to love about the winter experience and aesthetic. With this in mind, your wedding linen hire for a winter wedding requires some preparation and planning. Our article covers some things to think about for wedding linen hire and inspiration for winter weddings.

Your wedding theme

There is a lot to think about when it comes to winter weddings, perhaps more so than other seasonal wedding themes. Before you get planning your wedding linen to hire, menus, dress or flowers, you first need to determine a more precise theme.

So, you have decided you want a winter wedding, but what exactly does this entail? There are so many options to consider. Some popular choices include a winter wonderland, Christmas themed, modern minimalism or barn inspired. Once you have narrowed down what it is you love most about winter and how to incorporate this into a theme, you can start to think about the specifics.

Winter colours for your wedding linen hire

Your wedding theme and colours go hand in hand. It is your wedding linen hire and the choices you make for your tablecloths, chair covers, runners and napkins which will help to bring the whole event together with the desired ambience. The mood and atmosphere you want to create at your wedding will determine the colours you pick for your wedding linen. For example, for a winter wonderland themed wedding, choose natural, whites and woody colours for your décor and shimmering silver table linen. With these colours, you can create a look that is elegant and cool.

If you want your wedding to fall in December, you might go for holiday colours with classic greens, reds and golds. If you don’t want to overdo it on this theme, you can subtly incorporate your colours in your wedding linen with napkins and chair covers.

Wedding linen material

When planning any wedding, you should be thinking about the material for your wedding linen. Often, couples will opt for winter weddings for their elegance, in which case, satin table linen is the best option. Satin exudes elegance and class. Your satin table linen will look amazing in a silver or white and shimmer in the candlelight. Silky-soft satin will be the perfect way to add a touch of style and sophistication to bring together your winter wedding.

Wedding table decorations and accents

Your table decorations can be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding linen. You can complement your hired wedding linen with accents, centrepieces and candles. There is a tendency for table decorations to play a particularly striking role at winter weddings. One option is to pair pristine white table linen with a rustic table runner and traditional floral bouquets for a centrepiece. In addition to this, pine garlands and berry accents can also add to that festive feeling. Be sure to make use of candles for their warm glow that will really show off your wedding linen and decorations.

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