Introduction to table linen hire Essex

When planning an event, from weddings to corporate award evenings, one thing to think about is your table linen hire.

Your table linen can help tie all your efforts and give the ultimate boost to the atmosphere you want to create. Table linen has the power to transform the feeling of your event and how it is experienced and remembered by your guests. A rushed, mismatch assortment of table linen can offset the desired atmosphere of your event. With this in mind, it’s important you do some planning for your table linen hire Essex. However, with a little research, you might find there is more to table linen than you first thought. Table linen is an umbrella term which encompasses many different aspects. In this article we will give an introduction to the key terms and pieces to get you up to speed for your table linen hire in Essex.

Table linen hire refers to several different aspects which come together to form your event table.

TablecLinen Hire in Essexloth

Tablecloths are the foundation of any table linen hire in Essex. A tablecloth is a large piece of material that covers the whole table and conforms to the shape of the table. You can then decide on the drop for desired effect; the drop refers to the amount of tablecloth that hangs down the side of the table. Tablecloths can be dressed up or down dependent on the event and the atmosphere you are wanting to create, as well as what you have chosen for the rest of your table linen hire.

Table runner

A table runner is also integral to your table linen hire in Essex. A runner refers to the narrow piece of fabric that sits on top of your tablecloth or alternatively, on a bare table. Table runners are used to complement and contrast your tablecloth. They are both a decorative feature and functional, as they add another layer of protection.

Liners/table pad

Liners are not meant to be seen but nonetheless perform an important function. Liners sit on top of the table and underneath your tablecloth to give them a more luxurious feel, particularly if the tablecloth material is thin or delicate.


Depending on your event, you may wish to use placemats. Placemats can be made from a number of materials, depending on where and who they’re going to be used by. For example, it might be helpful to use wipe-clean placemats if there are going to be lots of children at your event. Alternatively, if you want to create an elegant dining situation, you could use lace placemats. Placemats are functional but can also help create the effect you’re after, by contrasting or complementing your chosen table linen.


Napkins are a necessity for any formal dining event. Primarily for guests to use to wipe spillages and stains, and keep mouths and fingers clean during a meal, napkins also perform a design function. Napkin materials and even their shape, can add style to a table. Napkins are often in white but can be accessed in a number of colours to suit your desired colour scheme. Folded into intricate and impressive shapes or held in place by a napkin ring, napkins are a finishing touch for any table linen hire.

Table skirt

A table skirt refers to a piece of pleated fabric which attaches to the edge of a table and hangs to cover the space between the edge of the table and the floor. Unlike tablecloths and other table linens, a table skirt does not cover the top of the table. This is helpful when you are storing things under the table that you don’t want guests to see. Table skirts are most commonly used at trade shows and similar events.

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