Valentine’s wedding linen hire Essex

Valentine’s Day for many is the most romantic day of the year. So perhaps you’ve decided you want to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day 2022. If you’ve set your sights on the 14th of February as your big day, there’s lots to think about and it’s never too early to start planning. Book ahead with your wedding linen hire in Essex to ensure it reflects your special day. Choosing the best linen, décor and themes for your wedding should be top of your agenda. Our guide aims to give you something to think about for your 2022 Valentines wedding.

Valentine’s wedding linen hire in Essex Why Valentine’s day?

For some couples, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year and a time to celebrate their love for each other, so it’s no surprise it’s a popular wedding date. For others, who had their first date or even got engaged on Valentine’s Day, the date has sentimental value too. Whatever your reason for getting married on Valentine’s day, there are important things to consider.

Tips for planning a Valentine’s wedding

  • Arrange wedding linen hire in Essex and other services early to avoid disappointment due to the popularity of the day
  • Plan for a winter wedding as February can be unpredictable in terms of weather
  • Don’t go overboard on cliches such as teddy bears, cupids and heart-shaped balloons


Your choice in wedding linen hire in Essex will help to bring your big day together. Your wedding linen should tie in perfectly with the theme, Valentine’s Day. Whatever your budget, there are wedding linen hire options suitable for you.

Striped Regency RangeSatin – Our Striped Regency Range

Our Striped Regency Range is woven with a satin finish stripe next to a matt finish stripe. These two sheens look perfect next to each other and can help create sophistication and style at your Valentine’s wedding. Satin is a glossy fabric that glistens under indoor lighting and exudes romance and elegance. This is perfect for those who want to celebrate on Valentine’s Day without making their special day too cliché. Opting for satin in your wedding linen hire Essex can instead create a simple but sophisticated touch to your décor.

Georgian RangeDamask – Our Georgian Range

You can also bring elegance to your Valentine’s event with our Georgian Range, commonly known as Damask or Jacquard weave. This design can give a little something extra to your table linen and again appears beautiful and elegant. Its intricate design is perfect for historic buildings and for those who want something a bit different, rather than a plain design.

Wedding colours

We have a range of colours available for our wedding linen hire Essex. Whether you decide to opt for the traditional Valentine’s Day colours or want something a bit different but of course still romantic, there are plenty of possibilities with our linen range.

Some popular Valentine’s wedding colours include red and white or ivory linen. Red is a great colour for weddings because it is bold and bright. However, depending on the atmosphere you are wanting to create, you might feel red is overdone. Perhaps instead opt for pinks and purple or use personalised hues and shades – we have an extensive linen range to cater to all preferences.


Flowers are typically romantic, so they should definitely play a part in your Valentine’s wedding. However, whilst roses might be the obvious choice, they are particularly expensive in February. Other options to consider include tulips and hydrangea, which are also pink and red flowers.

Planning a Valentine’s Wedding for 2022?

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