A guide to materials for table linen hire Essex

Choosing the right table linen to hire for your event can be difficult when there are so many things to consider. However, it is easier to think about hiring table linen when you think about the material, colour, size and shape you want. Table linens are considered essential in events as they epitomise the theme and feel of your event. Far from just protecting your tables from splashes and spills, table linens can add colour, decoration and style to bring your event to life. A bit of research into table linen hire will show you that there are so many materials to choose from; we have compiled a brief guide to help you choose the best material for your table linen.

Choosing the right material for your table linen

The right table linen for your event depends on the type of event you’re hosting or catering for. Every well planned and executed event has a colour scheme or theme so your table linen should be no exception to this. The chosen material for your table linen hire will of course differ if you’re hosting a wedding to if you’re hosting a summer BBQ party. Some events will require high-quality table linen and accessories, whereas expectations for other events might be better met with more budget-friendly options. Whatever your event type, these are some good options to explore.

Our table linen ranges mean you have a selection to choose from which are all of very high quality

  • Our Plain Signature is the most popular range we have and is of fine quality.
    plain signature range
  • Our Regency Stripe fabric is a product of outstanding quality of this product.
    regency range
  • Our Georgian range – commonly named Damask or Jacquard weave – is a beautiful design.
    georgian range

Our  table linen hire materials are particularly fitting for special occasions, parties and weddings but can be used in any number of settings.

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