British weather-proofing your wedding

We all know that British weather can be diabolically unpredictable and, just as you think you’ve got it sussed you can count on it to change once more. This can make it hard enough to plan going out to the shops (we’ve all gone out at some point carrying sunglasses, gloves sun cream and an umbrella just in case) but if you’re organising a wedding it can be a bit of a nightmare.

How do you plan an entire day including outfits, activities, food and where to pose for photographs if you can’t rely on the weather to do just one thing?

Well, at Simply Linens, we’ve been involved in a lot of weddings over the years and we’ve picked up a few tips along the way so here’s our handy guide to British weather-proofing your wedding.

Umbrellas, umbrellas and more umbrellas

If you’re just not sure if it’s going to rain, make sure there are enough umbrellas to cover the heads of the bride, groom, bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party. The good news is you can buy white or clear wedding-themed umbrellas these days that will look quite pretty if you should need to use them. Definitely better than slinging a cagoule on over the bridal gown.

Flip flops

Just in case the weather does go unseasonably hot (and this definitely isn’t unheard of in the UK), keeping a basket of basic flip flops for the bride, bridesmaids and other guests to use is a nice touch. Heat and high heels don’t really go and your guests may be grateful to slip into something more comfortable once the photographs are done.


OK, these aren’t the most attractive of things but if you have to do a lot of darting around outside to get between venues, the good old waterproof poncho can be an easy way to make sure the bridal hair doesn’t get wrecked in any rain – and it has the added bonus of protecting some of the dress.


Again, not exactly attractive but if they mean the bride and groom don’t have to ruin their shoes in any mud, they’re totally worth it. And they can be slipped off once you get back inside.

Contingency activities

If you’ve planned lots of outdoor activities for your big day, make sure they can be moved indoors or that you can go for indoor alternatives just in case. Alternatively, if you’re playing it safe and planning everything indoors, perhaps think about ways you could move things outside should the sun decide to come out.

Sun cream

And on that note, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have some sun cream at the venue. If the sun does make an appearance, the last thing you want on your wedding photos is the bride and groom with sunburned noses.

If you’re in the process of planning your big day, get in touch with Simply Linens to see how we can help you with your table linen hire.