Spring-summer centrepieces

Whether you’re organising a wedding or a party, the table centrepieces are a big deal. They’re one of your main forms of decoration in your venue and they really set the tone for your event.

There are, of course, ever-popular, all-year-round options such as candelabras and floral displays, but these are now quite commonplace and you may well be looking for something a bit different. Not to mention the fact that during spring and summer, flowers can be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers.

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But what are the other options? Well, there are actually more than you think and you really can be as creative as you like. At Simply Linens, we’ve been helping people set their event tables for years now and we’ve seen some great ideas we’d love to share with you.


Balloons can make a marvellous centrepiece for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can get them in a huge range of colours so it’s unlikely you’ll not be able to find ones that work with your colour scheme or venue. By their very nature, they float above the table so they’re not really obstructing your guests from chatting to one another either. They’re also very affordable – all you need is the balloons themselves, ribbons to tie them to and some kind of weight to hold them on the table and this can be anything from a simple stone to an ornament of some kind.

Easter eggs

Particularly for spring events, Easter eggs can make a wonderful centrepiece. Now, we’re not necessarily talking chocolate eggs here since these will likely melt during your event but consider beautifully painted eggs piled up in a basket. They’re seasonal, pretty and have a great rustic vibe.

Coloured water

This one might sound odd but can look beautiful. Using clear vases and jars of different heights, fill them with water to different levels and add various different food colourings. Then simply arrange the vases in the centre of the table. It’s simple, effective and completely customisable.


Sweets have become increasingly popular as centrepieces over the years, with people filling old fashioned glass jars with traditional penny sweets. Again, this is another simple idea that adds a beautiful splash of colour. And there’s no waste as you can leave colourful paper bags and scoops on your tables so guests can help themselves at the end of the event. It’s a centrepiece and party favour in one.

Picture frames

Another simple, stylish and highly personal centrepiece is a picture frame. All you need to do is add a picture (perhaps one of the happy couple or the party host) and away you go. Of course, you can make it more formal by putting in a sheet with the table name or number instead. Again, it’s completely customisable.

Once you’ve decided on your centrepiece, contact the team at Simply Linens and we can help you organise your event linen hire. Choose from a huge range of colours and a variety of fabrics to pair perfectly with your chosen centrepieces.