Our linen ranges

Table linen hire for events is one of those things that probably doesn’t seem that important until you’re planning a do of some kind yourself. Then all of a sudden you realise there’s quite a lot of choice out there and you actually don’t necessarily want plain white table linen but possibly want to look into coloured linen hire or patterned linens.

At Simply Linens, we offer three different ranges in our tablecloth hire selection depending on whether you want plain, stripes or jacquard. Within each range we offer a wide selection of colours so you can always choose the perfect tablecloths for your event.

Signature Linen RangeSignature

Our Signature range is by far our most popular collection, featuring a plain design and superior quality. Signature table linens come in a wide range of sizes to suit a variety of events and are available in more than 30 different colours.

Whether you want to stick with white, go nautical with navy, explore pastels with light pink or get festive with red, there’s a Signature tablecloth that’s perfect for your event. Made from polyester, the range is durable with fabulous colour retention, so you don’t need to worry about your table linens being faded.

Ideal for those looking for simple elegance.

Regency Linen RangeRegency

If you want something a little more eye-catching, our Regency range is for you. The design, available in a range of colourways, is striped, alternating a satin finish and a matt finish. Regency can be beautiful on its own or mixed with our co-ordinating Signature collection. So, you could, perhaps, have plain on some tables and stripes on others, or opt for a plain tablecloth with striped napkins.

The colours on offer are bold and traditional, think rich purples, classic ivory and vibrant gold.

Georgian Linen RangeGeorgian

Our Georgian range is for those looking for something truly stunning and, with its jacquard weave, is perfect for events hosted in historic buildings. The table linens are produced by a European textile company that’s been making beautiful fabrics for more than a century and features a rich, luxurious pattern.

Colours are elegant yet vibrant, with choices including a stunning chartreuse, an opulent burgundy and a stylish duck egg.

How to decide

You probably have a fair idea of what you want from your event linen hire, but if you’re struggling to decide, think about the type of venue you’re using, what the furnishing styles are like and, above all, the tone you’re aiming to set. Then take another look at our ranges and you should begin to see what would work best.

And if you really can’t decide, call our team at Simply Linens on 01279 428 477 or complete our online contact form and we’ll get back to you. We can advise you on table linen hire prices, the process for hiring table linen and give you a sense of what might work best with your venue. We’ve worked with venues in London, Essex and across the United Kingdom so we’re well placed to give you some inspiration.