Why Should You Rent Wedding Linen Instead of Buying?

The wedding date has been fixed and the planning is in full force. You have a list of items to plan for and one of those important items is wedding linen. But you are not sure whether you should buy or hire wedding linen in Essex.

You may be wondering why rent linen when you can buy and resell it later on. That’s a fair thought. However, several things happen behind the scenes to prepare your wedding linen. Let’s take a look at them so you can make a sound decision.

Wedding Linen Hire Essex Vs Buying – Ironing the Linen

When you purchase linen, you must remember that it won’t come ironed. You must set apart some time to iron the linen several weeks in advance. The tablecloths must be neatly ironed, the napkins pressed and folded in the desired pattern and all other linen must be prepared as well.

When you choose wedding linen for hire in Essex, you won’t have to worry about anything. Your rental linen will come ironed, folded and prepped.

Wedding Linen Hire Essex Vs Buying – Transporting the Linen

Once the wedding linen is prepared, the next aspect to consider is transporting it safely to the wedding venue. You don’t want to end up with crinkled and wrinkled tablecloths. How would you transport your fanned-out napkins all the while ensuring they don’t get crumpled?

When you use Simply Linens, we will carefully transport the linen so it arrives crinkle-free.

Wedding Linen Hire Essex Vs Buying – Setting Up the Linen

If you are doing your own linen, you must remember that the job of placing on the table on the wedding day falls on you. From placing the tablecloths on the tables to napkins on each spot, you will be in charge, which takes time.

With our wedding linen hire service in Essex, our team will handle all of it for you so you can relax and focus on enjoying your big day.

Wedding Linen Hire Essex Vs Buying – Removing the Linen

The wedding celebrations went on well and you are all set to reach home and hit the sack. But, wait, you forgot to remove the linen from the tables. You will need some heavy-duty garbage bags for the heavily soiled linen. You may also have to get rid of any extra food sticking to the table linen.

For any linen that’s soiled and wet, you may have to soak it in a stain remover at the earliest. Of course, you will also have to wash it asap.

With our wedding linen hire in Essex, you won’t have to worry about removing or cleaning the linen. We will take care of it all for you.


Your tasks don’t just end there when you buy your own linen. After washing your linen, you will have to press it again and store carefully, or if you plan to sell it , post ads and take pictures etc etc.

However, with Simply Linens, you simply choose your linen and we take care of the rest.

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