Wedding Linen Hire Essex – A Colour Guide

There’s nothing more exciting than planning your wedding. However, the journey can get quite daunting and stressful in no time. From finding a venue and planning the menu to choosing flowers and finding the perfect dress, there’s so much to plan for.

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Choosing wedding linen is one such aspect. And the biggest question is what colour linen to choose for your big day? In this post, our wedding linen hire specialists in Essex look at some important aspects to consider when choosing wedding linen colour.

Consider Your Theme

The first thing to consider is your theme.

Decide what vibes you want to create for your wedding and what you want your guests to feel when they arrive at the venue.

Perhaps you prefer a relaxed ambience and prefer muted, relaxed colours?

Or do you want a sophisticated ambience for a black-tie event?

Finalise which colours will create the desired feeling for your wedding and choose these as the base colour for your table linen.

Choose Complimentary Colours

There are a ton of tools you can find online to choose a colour palette for your wedding. The Paletton Colour Scheme Designer is an excellent tool.

Just pick your base colour, and the tool will shoot up a colour chart of monochromatic colours, adjacent colours, triad colours and more.

Consider the Venue

Don’t forget to consider your wedding venue when choosing table linen colours.

What made you choose this venue? What features did you like? Focus on features that accentuate and complement your theme to pick the colours for your wedding linen.

For instance, if it’s an indoor banquet with large windows, you could consider white or ivory shades to illuminate the look. However, if it’s an outdoor garden for the venue, you might want to keep things simple with shades like light pink.

Keep it Subtle

If you want to keep things simple and prefer a neutral shade, you could still add some colour.

So instead of choosing a table cloth in a vibrant shade, you could choose a neutral shade and use coloured napins to add some colour.

Whether you are using table linen in neutral shades and pairing them with bone tableware, coloured napkins or coloured table runners, you are still adding colour but subtly.

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