Things to Know about Table Linen Hire for Your Wedding

The secret to a perfect wedding is in getting the little things right. Table linen is one such thing. It is beautiful, elegant, and a perfect addition to your wedding. Get your table linen right to make a stunning impact on your wedding guests. If you are looking for table linen hire in Essex, contact Simply Linens. We are a leading supplier of quality table linen with many years of experience. Here are 4 things that will help you choose the right table linen for your wedding. 

Choose a Professional Linen Vendor

A professional linen vendor specialises in linen arrangement. The vendor chooses the right linen colour to match the decor. They will set the perfect linen fold for maximum visual appeal. A professional vendor, therefore, gives the perfect touch to your wedding. Simply Linens has over 38 years of experience in supplying premier table linen for hire in Essex. We are a professional vendor that you can trust for making your most important day perfect. We have been supplying to some of the most prestigious venues in and around Essex and London.

Be Sure about the Delivery

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and you don’t want to add to your stress with unplanned logistics. Be sure to gather all information about the delivery timings. Always order linen for extra tables to avoid last-minute stress. Let the professionals guide you on this!

Choose Striking Linen Designs

Well-dressed tables make a great impression. With the right table linen, you can make your key table decorations such as that of your reception table or cake table, beautiful and impactful. For the best results, choose striking linen designs that are unique and match your colour scheme and venue.

Avoid Buying Used Linen

Used linen may seem like a great alternative to new linen or renting from a professional vendor, but this choice comes with some drawbacks too. First, there are stains to look out for. Stains from previous use can be unattractive and unhygienic. Cleaning stains calls for professional cleaning using commercial cleaning products and so getting rid of such heavy stains can be time-consuming and expensive. Second, used linen may have wrinkles and creases. It takes an expert hand to remove them. Ironing long pieces of linen can be difficult. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with this job in addition to all your other wedding tasks! Third, if you are buying the linen at too cheap a price, the quality of the cloth could be cheap too. It is better to go for first-hand linen or linen rented from a professional vendor.

Talk to Simply Linens

Simply Linens is a table linen hire service in Essex with many years of experience. We take the stress out of table linen hire so you won’t have to. With an expansive collection of linen to choose from, we will spoil you for choice. Call us on 01279 428 477 for a quote.