Wedding Linen: Hire or Buy? Our Experts Compare the Benefits

Your wedding is coming up and you want to ensure that everything is arranged perfectly on the day. Of all the essentials that you are considering for the momentous occasion, table linens does require due consideration.

While you’re deciding the fabric, design, and colours to use, you’re wondering whether to buy or hire table linen.

At Simply Linens, we strongly believe wedding linen hire is a better option. Here are 3 reasons why.    

Table Linen Hire Saves Time

Purchasing table linen for your wedding ceremony is not only expensive but can be remarkably time-consuming as well. Often, buying table linen will require planning and considerable lead time, especially if the vendor does not stock the material, sizes or volume you need. Wedding linen hire, on the other hand, is very easy. Simply choose a linen from our range and wait for it to arrive. All you need to do is specify the fabric, size, colour, design, and the day you want them delivered on.

Hiring Table Linen Saves Space

Have you considered where to store your table linen after the ceremony? Contrary to what you may think, tablecloths can take up a lot of space. Most people usually do not have sufficient space to permanently store a large volume of table linen. Even if you do have the space, you’d certainly not want to block up the space unnecessarily. On the other hand, when you decide to hire wedding table linen, you don’t have to worry about storing, hanging or folding it.

Wedding Linen Hire is Cost-Effective

Buying wedding linen outright is prohibitively expensive. When you are buying linen, you pay for the fabric, the appropriate dye, seamstress’s labour, designing and delivery. In sharp contrast, when you hire table linen, you won’t be incurring all of these costs. After all, the linens are made already. You only pay the hiring fees.

Quality Table Linen Hire at Simply Linens

Whether you are looking for a particular shade, design or the perfect size, hiring wedding linen is the best solution. You have access to premium quality linen at affordable prices. What’s more, you do away with all the hassle involved with buying linen outright.

At Simply Linens, we offer a wide range of premium quality wedding linen for hire. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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