Happy New Year from Simply Linens

event linen hire

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that it’s January 2019 already, but here we are, ready and raring to go. Whether 2018 was good, bad or indifferent, we can all still look forward into this new year with optimism, ambition, and the knowledge that a few great celebrations and events lie ahead.

At Simply Linens, we’re looking forward to helping our customers make their events throughout 2019 look absolutely fabulous with our tablecloth hire service. We can assist them in finding the perfect table linen range and colour for them, and ensure they have everything they need.

But what sorts of events can we help you with in 2019? Here’s just a few.


Wedding table linen hire is one of our most popular services and with people getting married year-round, it’s easy to see why. If your venue doesn’t supply table linens, or you just want something a bit different to what’s on offer, we can help you with a range of styles and an extensive colour collection that you can match to your wedding’s theme.

Corporate events

Corporate events cover all manner of things – dinners, awards ceremonies, parties, conferences – and can really differ in terms of style. However, one thing they all have in common is people sitting around tables, and the right table linen hire can be just what you need to liven up the décor. We may even be able to match your company colours.

Charity fundraising events

Fundraising events are key to any charity’s calendar for the year ahead and are often in the form of glamorous dinners and balls. If you’ve got a fundraising even to plan in 2019, think about how event linen hire can help you keep costs lower and allow you keep more of the funds raised for the good cause. For instance, hiring your table linen allows you to leave the laundry to someone else, so you’re not paying for separate washing or dry cleaning.

Sporting events

First of all, we’re very much not mooting the idea of putting table linens down on the football pitch. We’re thinking more about events held by sports teams and institutions across the country that require table linen hire. These could be annual dinners, fundraisers parties and other such events held at racecourses, football stadia, golf clubs, cricket clubs and rugby clubs around the UK. Whether it’s a black-tie event or something more informal, the right table linen hire will give the perfect look.

Family celebrations

Last but by no means least, family celebrations will be a big part of 2019. Christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and countless other dos will be held up and down the land as they are every year. If you have a celebration planned but your venue doesn’t supply table linen, speak to us and we can make sure you have a design perfect for your occasion.

Simply Linens supply table linen hire across the UK. Contact us today to tell us about your event and to see how we can help.