How to throw the perfect Christmas party

Christmas parties come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the family one, the small office one, the huge corporate one, the one with a wedding, the charity one, the one with kids… the list goes on and on.

Whatever the type of Christmas party you’re planning, though, there are a few basics that go into every single one that really help to make the perfect Christmas do. Get these right, and the rest will follow, whether you’re planning for your family or for the entire European head office.

Christmas Table LinenFestive tipples

Drinks are a big deal at Christmas parties. It’s one of those times of year where people really do let their hair down and, while we would always advise responsible drinking, you want to make sure guests are well catered for.

At the very least, you want an arrival drink for everyone, plus a selection of red and white wines for during dinner. Champagne or prosecco is always a popular choice at Christmas as a reception drink, although sparkling cocktails such as Kir Royale and Bucks Fizz can add a bit more festive flavour.

Other drinks to be considered are digestifs such as brandy, whiskey or amaretto – always good winter warmers – but you also shouldn’t forget the tee-totallers and designated drivers and make sure there are good non-alcoholic alternatives available.

Foods of the season

Everyone has their own opinion on what makes the perfect Christmas dinner so we say go traditional with turkey, ham and all the trimmings including pigs in blankets, chipolatas, stuffing and cranberry sauce. It might not seem very original, but people tend to like going with old favourites at this time of year so shaking it up could cause problems.

As always, you should remember to consider special dietary requirements, including vegan and vegetarian alternatives, plus options for those with allergies, food intolerances or religious dietary requirements.


Christmas is that one time of year where it’s OK to go with the cheesiest music available. If you’re hiring a band or DJ, you want someone who isn’t afraid to play the Christmas classics alongside other floor-fillers.

We heard an anecdote a while ago about a corporate Christmas bash where the DJ refused to play Christmas songs on the grounds they were ‘naff’. By about half-nine most of the partygoers had headed to the pub down the road where the DJ had no such hang ups and the organisers were left in an almost empty room. Christmas is not the time of year to be too cool for school.


Christmas décor really does come down to a matter of personal taste. Some people love vibrant brights, while others adore opulent reds and greens mixed with gold. The best thing to do is pick a theme and stick with it – everything from the Christmas tree to table decorations and table linen hire.

At Simply Linens, we can help you with your event linen hire to give some festive flair to your seating arrangements. Contact our expert team to discuss your needs.