Why hire your event table linens?

 When planning your event, whether it’s a wedding, company celebration, an awards ceremony or something else entirely, it can be tempting to buy everything you need, including linens, outright rather than hiring. After all, you then own it all yourself and you’re not really having to deal with any third party.

 You would think this would make things straightforward. However, at Simply Linens, we’ve been specialising in event linen hire in Essex for a long time so, in our experience, the reasons to hire rather than buy vastly outweigh those mentioned above. But what are they?

You’re not wasting money

If you buy your table linens, you’re stuck with them forever and the price you pay will reflect this. However, if you hire your linens, you’re only paying for what you use, when you use it. You’ll also have access to linens to suit a range of budgets in one place, rather than having to shop around.

You get help deciding what you want

If you choose to purchase your table linens, all decision making will be on you. However, if you choose to hire, you’ll have experts with a real eye for detail at your disposal to help you decide on colours and fabrics — giving you confidence your event will look amazing.

You’re free to change your mind

Table linen hire for your Essex event means you can change your mind relatively last minute. Say some additional people are added to the guest list and you need one more table, we can alter your order. If you’ve bought your tablecloths, you’d have to hope the shop still has another one the same.

Or, for instance, imagine something went wrong with the flowers for your event and you needed to change the colour scheme? If you’ve hired your table linens, we’d be able to do this for you easily but, if you’ve bought your table linens you’d need to return them to the shop and purchase new ones. And if you’re outside your returns period, you may find yourself stuck.

Someone else takes care of the laundry!

If you’re using table linens you’ve purchased, you’ll need to press them all before the event to keep them looking pristine. After the event, it’ll be your responsibility to wash them all, have them all pressed again and then store them until you need them again — if you need them again.

However, if you hire your table linen, they’ll arrive with you clean and pressed, ready for your event. Afterward, we’ll take them away to be laundered, pressed and made ready for the next time they’re hired. You don’t have to lift a finger!

If you’re looking for table linen hire in Essex for any kind of event, the team at Simply Linens can help you with all aspects. Call us today on 01279 438 448 to discuss your needs or complete our online enquiry form to send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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