Stunning table centrepieces

At Simply Linens, we’ve spent many years helping people in London, Essex and across the UK dress beautiful tables with our table linen hire services.

However, it’s not just gorgeous linens that you need to make the tables at your event stand out. You should also aim to complete the look with a stunning centrepiece that complements the style or theme of your event, as well as giving a real sense of occasion. We’ve collected some of our favourite centrepiece ideas to give you some inspiration, whether you’re organising a wedding, a party or a corporate do.


Flowers are often the most obvious choice for many people and you often can’t go wrong with a gorgeous floral arrangement as a centrepiece. It’s easy to match flowers to your colour scheme, and you can choose between fresh flowers, dried flowers and even silk or paper flowers. When choosing a floral centrepiece, remember to consider the temperature of your venue as you don’t want your flowers to wilt. Also, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that some flowers such as lilies, can provoke quite a strong allergic reaction, so be sure to consider your guests.


table linenCandelabras are another very simple option. They can be bought or hired and are available in many designs from minimalist to elaborate. They even come in several different materials and colours. Candlelight is soft and romantic too, helping create a great atmosphere for evening events. The main thing to consider here is health and safety concerns at your venue, as some may not permit candles.


Oversized wine and martini glasses have become increasingly popular as centrepieces over recent years, and they can be filled with practically anything. We’ve seen them containing flowers, coloured pebbles, feathers and even sweets, making them ideal for all different kinds of events since they’re so adaptable. You only need to ensure that they’re not too top heavy with whatever you’ve chosen to fill them with, and that they’re stable.


Birdcages have continued to be popular over the last few years as the vintage trend has rolled on. They make elegant, simple centrepieces and can be left empty or have flowers set inside them. They also have the advantage of not being too tall, so your guests can see through them and talk to those on the opposite side of the table.


Books might not seem like an obvious choice for a centrepiece, but they are growing in popularity. Books that are relevant to the event, stacked up can actually look beautifully elegant, especially if they are older, vintage books. They can easily be linked to themes too. For instance if your wedding tables are named after your favourite authors, books by each of those authors would make an excellent centrepiece.

If you’re planning your event and are looking for table linen hire to work with your chosen theme, Simply Linens will be able to help. Contact us today to discuss your event and requirements.