Fun corporate events: they really can exist!

event table linen hireThe idea of ‘fun corporate events’ can sometimes seem like a bit of an oxymoron and a lot of people, quite understandably, can’t abide the ‘forced fun’ of a corporate bash. While many are often happy to hang out with colleagues who they consider friends, they are less excited to play cringeworthy team-building games, eat rubbish food and sit through to endless PowerPoint presentations about figures they don’t really care about.

At Simply Linens, we’ve catered for enough corporate events and their table linen hire to know what a good one looks like. It should be something genuinely fun that has the aim of saying thank you to your employees for all their hard work. So what can you do that’s fun, inclusive and not likely to induce lots of eye-rolling? Here are some ideas.

Team picnic

If you are lucky enough to work near some parkland or outdoor space that can be hired, a team picnic can be a really easy way to organise a fun event at short notice. Food can be simple and casual — think finger foods, sandwiches, fruit and cakes — while drinks should include ice cold beers and soft drinks, some glasses of fizz and maybe some of that old summer favourite, Pimms. Simply ask attendees to bring their own picnic blankets and you have a great, relaxed afternoon for all. For extra fun, provide equipment for outdoor games such as giant Jenga, cricket, rounders or football — but don’t force people to play, just let them enjoy themselves how they want.


Slightly more formal than a picnic, but still lots of fun, a BBQ gives employees the chance to mingle and get to know each other, while still in a relaxed environment and enjoying great food. A top tip would be to remember the veggies and vegans by providing exciting non-meat options (not just a boring salad!) and keep different meats separate so that people with religious dietary requirements can eat what they like while easily avoiding non-permitted foods. Keep the music playing, the food coming and everyone is bound to have a great time.

Theme evenings

Theme evenings can be a fun way to get everyone together around a joint venture, while still keeping it casual. Popular ideas can be particular decades (e.g., the 80s), or focused on hobbies and interests such as film or pop music themes. Keep your music, food and drink centred on the theme and give the option for fancy dress (making it optional means that even those who don’t like fancy dress can take part). Again, keep the forced fun out of the picture and just let everyone mingle to make an evening to remember.

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