Planning a winter wedding? Here are some things to consider

It’s that time of year when people seem to be getting engaged left, right and centre. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may well be considering a winter wedding so that you can get married at the same time of year you got engaged — very romantic!
Winter weddings truly are beautiful events, and to help, we’ve put together some things you should think about, as well as your wedding linen hire, to make sure your wedding day is a winter wonderland.

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This might seem self explanatory, but getting the clothes right is essential so that you don’t spend your big day freezing. Consider bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses with sleeves, or perhaps opt for a cape or faux fur stole to add some warmth while creating a beautifully seasonal look. Don’t forget the groom and groomsmen too. Wool suits are winter favourites, while a smart, matching coat adds layers and style.

Food and drink

A winter wedding menu is always going to be different to a spring or summer menu. Winter foods tend to lean towards hearty, warming dishes rather than lighter ones and, while this is fairly obvious when it comes to your wedding breakfast, other elements can be a bit trickier. The reception drink, for instance, is usually a glass of fizz or a signature cocktail. But if your guests have just been standing outside in the cold for photographs, a cup of mulled wine or cider may be much more appreciated!

Colour scheme

Winter colours tend to go in one of two directions. There’s the more contemporary choice of frosty, cold colours — lots of whites and blues — or the traditional option of rich, warm colours such as purples and burgundies, perhaps even with a touch of tartan. What you opt for should really depend on your preferences as well as your venue and what colours will suit it. Remember, when you commit to a colour scheme, apply it to everything from flowers and bridesmaids dresses right down to your wedding linen hire.


Speaking of flowers, winter florals can be a bit trickier as you want to avoid delicate blooms that will wilt as soon as you step outside in the cold. Think about pretty but hardy flowers such as heather, or consider dried arrangements mixed with evergreens such as holly for a really seasonal approach.


British weather is changeable at the best of times but, in winter, you can assume that it will a) definitely be cold, and b) potentially be raining, snowing or hailing. When planning your wedding photos, think about indoor locations where they can be taken as well as outdoor then, if the weather truly is awful, you have a backup plan. It can also get you out of shivering your way through the shoot!

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