Top tips for your wedding tables

Planning a wedding can be something of a daunting task. From the dress to the flowers to the first dance, there’s just so much to prepare, and planning your tables for the reception can be one of the biggest challenges. Whether it’s where to sit everyone or how to dress the tables, there’s a lot to think about and, in Simply Linens’s years of organising tablecloth hire for weddings, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips on how to plan the perfect wedding tables.

Simply Linens wedding linen hire in EssexTake care over your seating plan

Getting the seating plan right is probably the most important thing. For one thing, it’ll tell you how many tables you need and, for another it’ll keep everything running smoothly. Remember key pointers such as: don’t split up couples, don’t put former couples together unless they still get on well, consider a children’s table if lots of little ones are coming, and don’t sit everyone in friendship groups but, at the same time, make sure everyone on a table knows at least one other person. Plan your seating using sticky notes and you’ll find it’s actually quite easy!

Plan centrepieces carefully

While elaborate centrepieces can look beautiful, it’s not great for your guests if they take up so much room on the table that they can’t eat comfortably! It can also be an issue if they’re so tall that they inhibit conversations between guests. When you are planning your centrepieces, think about them in relation to a table filled with plates, cutlery, stemware and wine bottles — not just in relation to the size and shape of your table.

Consider table linens

If you’re hiring linens for your wedding, be sure to get the size and shape correct. Any good venue will be able to confirm the exact dimensions of your table so you can order the correct sizes and shapes when it comes to tablecloths. You’ll also want to consider colour, to ensure your linens fit with your overall scheme.

Think about your favours

Wedding favours are ever popular and, while some couples still go for the traditional sugared almonds or chocolates, many couples opt for more unique favours to give to their guests — whether it’s personalised jars of jam or a handcrafted posey. These are always lovely, but remember, again, to consider the size of your table and how much space is on it. If there’s too much, then your tables could end up cluttered and your guests may not have much room to eat.

Remember, your wedding is just that: your’s — so you should really just do what you want to make you and your fiancé happy. However, part of this is ensuring your guests have a good time too so consider them when planning your tables and all will be well.

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