Simply Linens were delighted to be able to help a local school recently with the loan of tablecloths for exhibition tables

tablecloths for exhibition tables

Hi Jerry,

As promised, herewith a pic of the Shapwick stand at this year’s ISS featuring no less a Simply Linen tablecloth!   

Thank you so very much for your extremely kind gestures of not only letting us have the tablecloths with no charge but for arranging for Sam to deliver and collect. You did in fact save the day. We are most grateful.

The show went well and we only needed the one cloth in the end as we pushed the table up against the wall. But it was perfect. Hid all our boxes underneath the table and looked really smart.

Shapwick school was threatened with closure last year due to financial issues within the group that owned it. Which was a terrible shame as it is a school that has made such a difference to so many children’t lives who suffer with learning difficulties, mainly dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. The school was eventually saved and bought but it lost numbers in the process. It has however just won the ISA Alternative Provision award for 2016 so all in all, we hope it’s on the up again.

The most common impact of a learning difficulty is loss of self belief and confidence. Many children simply can not cope in the mainstream sector with support is an add on rather than integrated. They need a school that can cater for their specific needs. The ethos for Shapwick is ‘The same road by different steps’ and for that very reason, schools like this need to prosper. The children at Shapwick are so happy and are testament to what Shapwick provides.

So, thank you! All for a very worthy cause.

Kind regards Jo