Top 3 napkin folds for your event

At Simply Linens, we’ve been organising table linen hire in Essex for years now and we’ve picked up more than a few things about a well-dressed table along the way, from pristine tablecloths to elaborate centrepieces and everything in between. One of our favourite things to see at an event is creatively folded napkins adding a bit of flair to tables, so we’ve picked out some of our favourite folds with quick guides on how to get the look!

nakin hire1. The pouch

If you want a look that evokes stylish restaurant, then the pouch is perfect — it’s smart, elegant and neatly stores your silverware.

1. Fold your napkin into quarters with the open side is facing away from you and to the left.

2. Fold the top layer in half diagonally.

3. Turn over the napkin so the open corner now faces away from you and to the right.

4. Fold the right side back about one-third of the napkin width. Repeat with the left side.

5. Turn over once again and you’ll see a pouch has formed. Press and pop your silverware in.

2. French folds

Elegant and classy, French folds are actually really easy, but look as if they took a lot of effort! When ready, simply drape over the plates or place settings.

1. Fold the napkin diagonally in half and turn so the long, straight side is to the left.

2. Fold the top corner down towards you — diagonally and to the right. You’ll see a new point near you that’s a little right of the first one.

3. Now fold the point furthest to the right towards you at the same angle as last time to create another new point a little right of the second one. You’ll now have three points.

3. The sail

Create a three dimensional effect on your table with this simple napkin fold that stands up. Remember, for this style you’ll need a stiffer fabric.

1. Fold the napkin in half with the open end towards yourself.

2. Fold the top right corner diagonally towards you so that the edge of this flap runs along the napkin’s middle. Repeat with the top left corner.

3. Now create the sail shape by folding in half, bringing that middle seam up and allowing the ends to fall back. If you then smooth down the folds, it’ll stand nice and easily by itself.


Napkin folds take a little practice, but they are a great way to decorate your table without having to organise lots of additional decorations. They also really make a difference, giving your event a much more professionally styled look than just leaving your napkins underneath the silverware or in a wine glass.

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