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recommended wedding linen hireAre you planning an event in London? Whether you’re organising a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or any other special occasion, one of the most important details to consider is the decor. The right decor can transform any space and create a beautiful, memorable atmosphere. But how do you achieve a stunning look without breaking the bank? The answer is simple: table cloth hire. They are a key element of event decor, and with the right table cloth hire in London, you can make your event shine.

Here are the reasons why table cloth hire in London is such a great option for any event.

  • Cost-effective – Hiring table cloths is a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing them outright. You can save money while still achieving the look you want for your event.
  • Wide variety – Table cloth hire companies offer a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes to choose from. You can easily find the perfect table cloth to match the theme and décor of your event.
  • Quality assurance – Reputable table cloth hire in London offers high-quality fabrics that are professionally cleaned and maintained to ensure they look their best at your event.
  • Eco-friendly – By hiring table cloths instead of purchasing them, you are reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable event. Table cloth hire companies typically clean and reuse their table cloths, reducing the environmental impact.

Simply Linens is the premier choice for table cloth hire in London. Our commitment to providing high-quality linens has made us a top choice for event planners and hosts. Our inventory includes a diverse range of colours and fabrics, so you can find the perfect tablecloth to match your event’s theme.

To find out more about our linen ranges, click the buttons below.

Signature Range

Our Plain Signature is the most popular range we have and is of fine quality

Regency Range

Our Regency Stripe fabric also comes from our European supplier and again the quality of this product is outstanding

Georgian Range

Our Georgian range – commonly named Damask or Jacquard weave – is a beautiful design fabric in truly stunning colours

If you’re looking for something specific that doesn’t appear on our website, then please contact us and we’ll be able to help with a bespoke solution for table cloth hire in London, whether it’s for a small celebration at home or a large corporate event on location.

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