Celebrations with an Easter theme

Easter Sunday falls on 21 April in 2019 and, if you’re planning a celebration around then, it would be both fun and seasonal to inject a bit of an Easter theme to proceedings and really celebrate the springtime.

But how can you do this without raiding the three-for-two Easter eggs section at your local supermarket? At Simply Linens, we’ve picked up a few tips over the years while working with clients organising Easter-themed parties – be they weddings, family celebrations or other events – and we are sharing them with you now.

Mini Eggs as party favours

If you’re having any kind of party favour, then little organza bags of Mini Eggs can be a great alternative to more traditional sweets or sugared almonds. It’s easy to organise, and (assuming your guests all like chocolate as much as we do) it’ll go down a storm.

If Mini Eggs aren’t your thing but you like the idea in general, look out for more luxurious alternatives from top chocolatiers, or even check out options in vegan stores if any of your guests don’t eat dairy for whatever reason.

Entertain little ones with an Easter egg hunt

If your event will be attended by younger children, an Easter egg hunt can be a brilliant way to keep them entertained for a good while. You’ll need a bit of co-operation from your venue in advance as they’ll need to advise you on safe places to hide eggs (and even hide them for you) so that you can write up appropriate clues for each child. As long as this isn’t an issue and doesn’t break any health and safety rules, it should be fine.

You, however, need to remember to make sure there’s one egg per child so that no one will be left out. It can also be wise to check with parents in advance if their child has any allergies to any ingredients, or that they are indeed allowed an Easter egg.

Give your decorations a spring in their step

For a truly Easter-themed do, keep things fresh and simple with spring in mind. Opt for pastel colours, bunting and plenty of flowers. You could even paint eggs in advance and dot them around the venue.

For spring tables, opt for crisp, white table linen hire and spring flowers as centrepieces. Think daffodils and tulips to really get the right look.

Go for a traditional Easter menu

While many of us devour nothing but chocolate over the course of Easter, some people do eat proper food as well. So, look to these for your Easter menu and offer dishes such as roast lamb for your main course served with seasonal vegetables. If you want to include more chocolate, perhaps a chocolate cake or mousse for dessert.

If you’re planning an event around 21 April 2019 and would like some help with your table linen hire to get the look right, contact our team at Simply Linens and we can help you organise everything.