Event Linen Hire Guide

Event Linen Hire – A Brief Guide

Once you have sorted the glassware, crockery and cooking equipment for your client’s upcoming event, the next step is to rent quality linen to cover the tables. Tablecloths, table runners and napkins not only protect your furniture and the guests from spills and stains but they also add to the ambience and look of your event. Here’s a brief guide to event linen hire to ensure you have everything you need to make your event a grand success!

Linen Requirements

The type of event you are catering to will determine the type of linen you need. Here are some things to consider for event linen hire:

  • Dinner tables – This is a no-brainer. But be sure to have spare linens to cater to spills and stains.
  • Bar tables – If your event needs a bar, you must decide how it will be decorated.
  • Cakes – A wedding typically has a cake table, but many other events also have cakes.
  • Evening guests – Would you be serving guests from an existing or a new place?
  • Cheese and port – Will your event be serving extras after the meal? Would you need tables for that?
  • Present tables – A table for placing gifts is an essential requirement for parties and events.
  • Evening buffet – Buffets are a common presence in evening events, so you will need tables and linens for these.
  • Chocolate fountain – The chocolate fountain needs to be showcased too. We recommend multiple layers for this table.

In short, discuss with your clients what their requirements are so you can arrange for all the different types of tables and linens you will need for the event.

Look Beyond White Linens

When it comes to event linen hire, white is the easiest and the most common choice. However, there are so many other options to consider beyond white.

What is the colour scheme of the event you are catering for?

Here at Simply Linens, we offer linens in three distinct styles and over 30 colours across. Our team will work with you to create a stunning colour scheme for your table linen to match the colours of the theme of your event, bridesmaids or even the flowers.

Get the Sizing Right

When it comes to event linen hire, getting the sizing right can be a tough task. Consider the size of the tables and the desired drop when choosing a size. We offer linen cloths in a range of sizes, so be sure to discuss your needs with our team to find the right size.

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