Event venues you may not have considered

When we think of event venues for weddings, parties, corporate events, etc., we tend to leap straight to hotels. In fairness, it’s a logical jump and most hotels offer great package deals for events, with the use of function suites, catering services and lots of extras. However, these are not the only event venues out there and there are many that you won’t have even considered.

Simply Linens provides event linen hire at all types of venues – the funny thing is, most of them aren’t that unusual, but are often places you’ll pass every day without even thinking about. So, next time you have an event of any description to organise, have a think about some of these alternative venues.


event venue with linen

The racecourse may not be somewhere you’d automatically consider for you event, but they often make great venues. Most racecourses have function suites that can be used for events, with catering facilities, bars and plenty of space for partying. What makes racecourses unique is they’ll often have facilities with views of the track if you want to incorporate a race meeting into your event. Great for adding an element of fun, especially to dryer, corporate functions.

Football stadia

Much like racecourses, football stadia usually have function suites available, again with catering services and bars. To acquire these spaces on match days can be difficult, but if you are organising your event well ahead of time, it sometimes can be possible. As part of your event, you may be able to hire a VIP box in order to watch a match during the course of the day.

Rugby clubs

For smaller events, local rugby clubs and other sports clubs often have excellent facilities, with plenty of space for you to do what you want. While some may have in-house catering, you will often have to organise your own, however these venues will almost always have bar facilities, as well as having the benefit of being within the local community. This, of course, can make it much easier for attendees to get too and from the event.

University campuses

University campuses are certainly not somewhere you’d often think of as an event venue, but many campus universities have on-site facilities for functions and events that are available to hire when not in use by the university. The great thing about these is they will usually be in an easy-to-reach location and will oftentimes have on-site catering facilities. As universities often host large conferences, the staff will be used to big, complex events making it much easier for them to accommodate yours.

Simply Linens has years of experience working on all kinds of events across the country, but particularly in London and Essex. We handle all aspects of event linen hire, helping you select exactly the right table linens for your bash. If you’re in the process of organising an event, get in touch with us on 01279 438 448 to speak to us about your requirements and see how we can assist.